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AWS Lambda and why its good for business

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

In 2014 AWS came out with Lambda. Its a technology that was quickly adopted by many global companies because of the three factors that make Lambda a good choice for business:

It gets you to market fast. Lambda can turn 200 lines of code into 4! What might normally take an organisation 6 months or more can literally be developed and deployed within minutes. It reduces your IT costs and it processes only what you need at the time you need it. Serverless architectures expand and contract on demand, thereby cutting server costs by more than half.

When you embark on the 'serverless architecture' journey, you are not entering a void! What you are entering is the opportunity to focus on your application, not your infrastructure.

The benefit to any business is in the fact that, when the operating system and server and its processes are being handled by the 3rd party, your developers have more time to focus on maintaining and even building better software. This is because any system that requires maintaince will be a burden on your IT department staff and resources.

It's important to note however that serverless may not be suitable for all of your IT functions. Read our next installment about microservers and serverless technologies for different applications. You can visit our blog article to find out which applications are suitable for each type service.

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