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Leadership Vs Management

Our course 'From Software Engineer to Team Leader' is designed to help you identify the difference between Leadership and Management and to know when to use them.

Leadership is focused on inspiring and motivating individuals and teams to work towards a shared vision or goal. Imagine yourself as a conductor of an orchestra. The orchestra makes the music but you direct the score. We will show you how to be a great conductor.

You will learn that a leader sets direction, creates a sense of purpose, inspires others to take action, and is often associated with vision, innovation, and creativity.

On the other hand, management is focused on organizing, planning, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals. You absolutely must know the difference between these roles and how to oscillate between the two. We show you when you need to be a manager and when you need to be a leader, and how each role affects the team. A manager is someone responsible for coordinating and directing the work of others. Management is often associated with efficiency, productivity, and control.

You will also learn that leadership and management can be influenced by a variety of factors, including:

  • The size and structure of the organization

  • The industry and sector the organization operates in

  • The culture and values of the organization

  • The goals and objectives of the organization

  • The stage of development and maturity of the organization

This course will show you how to wear both caps, when to put one on, and when to take it off again without rocking the boat.

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