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What every Team Leader needs to know about Building Teams

Team Leaders in a Software Development environment require highly skilled and experienced developers. When selecting team members, there are some essential things to consider. Our course, From Software Developer to Team Leader, will show you how to create and maintain a high-performing software development team.

You will learn about the recruitment process and how to identify potential candidates according to the skills your team requires.

We will teach you how to ask the right questions to delve beneath the surface of a potential candidate and extract truthful information. In addition, some instrumental techniques to engage an interviewee to help them open up and reveal information they may be holding back.

Once you have selected your new team members, you will need to know how they fit into your team and how to position them. Positioning a team member in the wrong place could lead to failure, so we will show you how to be strategic and play to the team member's strengths.

You will learn about team dynamics and how to manage personalities within the team. Dealing with people may not come naturally to you, but by following some simple guidelines and strategies, you can master the nuances of managing people.

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