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2016 Custom Software Group |  Melbourne Software Development | Geotabular Pty Ltd  |   ABN 78 606 432973

Docsuey is the easiest way to sell digital downloads 

Promote and sell your ebooks, software, design assets, mp3's and more using inbuilt social media  marketing tools directly to your followers. 

No need to setup a website or store front. Sell online with a simple link to the product.  All kinds of digital files can be uploaded and sold as a download.  



Docsuey offers 500MB of space.  



Products can be shared to social channels where they can be re-shared by followers.   When the link is clicked, the product page is opened for quick and easy purchase.


 Use your own stripe or Paypal account to collect payments from buyers.   

Clicking on your link opens the purchase page

The product link with description and image is displayed in your timeline. 


 When a file is purchased, a copy of the download is immediately sent to the buyers email address. 

Frequently asked questions

What Fees do you charge?

Selling on Docsuey is free!  We do not charge any fees to use the platform.

PayPal and Stripe will still charge their standard fees for each sale. 

Can I get more storage space? 

Yes you can.  You will need to contact us to request more space and a small charge may apply depending on the amount of space needed.

Why is the listed price and sale price different?

To keep the platform free for sellers, Docsuey adds a small charge onto every listed item.  The 'listed' price is your sale price plus the small charged added by Docsuey. 

How much commission is paid to Docsuey?

Docsuey adds 15% onto your sale price and collects it upon sale. 

What is the difference between the listed price and sale price?

15%.  Example:  Your sale price is $10.00, the listed price will be $11.50

$10.00 will go to your bank and $1.50 will be distributed automatically to Docsuey. 

How do my customers pay

Customers can pay with their choice of credit card online. 

Can I cancel my account at anytime

Yes, you can cancel your account by sending us an email at contact@customsoftwaregroup.com and we will delete your account and all associated files.  

When do I get paid

If your payment gateway is Stripe, the funds will be deposited immediately upon purchase.  If using Paypal, the funds will be deposited to you account when your sales amount reaches $50.  


How can I contact you

Contact us via email contact@customsoftwaregroup.com