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What is social selling?

February 23, 2018

Many savvy small business operators are using their social media pages as a way to engage with their customers on a more personal level and boosting their sales income as a result. If you haven't yet started to incorporate social selling into your sales strategy, you should takes steps to start doing so.


What is social selling?

Social selling is a non traditional way of reaching customers and forming relationships by means of social media platforms. It allows you to communicate directly with potential or existing customers on a more personal level, and promote your products and services directly to them.


Social sites allow you to be more of yourself rather then of the person they see when you are being all professional and putting on an appearance. You can talk about the weather, you can talk about the kids, your holiday and most importantly you can get them talking about their interests. Developing a relationship this way makes people more willing to look at what you are offering and purchasing from you.


If you are not sure if social selling is for you, consider this; Forbes recently reported, “more than 78% of salespeople using social media to sell outperformed those who weren’t.”


So what do you have to do to be successful at social selling? The first step is to establish yourself online & start engaging with customers. How do you do that?


Step 1 is to create your facebook company page.


Sign into your own personal account. On the top right corner you will see the toolbar, click on the arrow down and select 'Create Page' from the drop down menu.  




 Select a page type which most represents your business.





Follow the prompts and your new business page will be created.



  • Upload a good clear image as your business banner

  • Fill in your 'About' page with information about your company & link to your website.

  • Invite your friends to 'Like' your page


    Join other facebook groups related your business.

Brand all your social media pages with the same images & colours to keep your brand recognisable across all channels. Remember to add your company landing page link to maximise traffic. 


How to sell your products on Facebook 


You can sell your products on facebook by creating promotions using the facebook 'Promotions' tool.  Facebook ads are relatively cheap to run and you can set them up to be shown to a particular audience.  For example if you are selling womens clothing, you can set your ads to only show to women between a certain age. This is selective targeting and it will ensure your ads are relevant to your audience.  To create an ads or content to engage with your followers, you can do so from your main Page.  Select one of the options shown here and you can begin to create an ad.  



You can also sell your digital products, ie images, software, graphics, ebooks etc, on facebook by using platforms such as ejunkie and Docsuey.  With EJunkie you can create a customisable online store within the platform and then add your products to the store.  Docsuey is a newly developed platform that we created for small businesses and DIY self-published indie authors to easily sell their ebooks or other digital media to their customers by simply sharing a link. 


Once you have uploaded your product, you can select which social sites you want the product shared to. 


When you select Facebook,  your product will be displayed on your page and customers can click on your post and buy your product immediately





When a customer clicks on your link, the product page opens with a buy now button. They can pay with their credit card and have the download emailed to them immediately. 






 Docsuey provides you with social media selling tools that allow you to share your product out on your social channels.  You can can also add your link to a blog or put it on your website and allow customers to buy directly from the link.  Docsuey provides the hosting, payments and delivery system needed to sell downloads.  Find out more at www.docsuey.com  or if you want to build an online store for downloadable products, you can find out more about ejunkie at www.ejunkie.com 


If you need help incorporating social selling into your sales strategy, contact us for more details.  We can provide social media page setup and help you to create ads.  Contact us here or send us an email at contact@customsoftwaregroup.com to discuss your specific needs and goals. 







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