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Tricks to Selling Your Software Online

January 23, 2018

Did you know that Software is one of the most lucrative digital products being sold online? Of course, who hasn't purchased software online? But just because you have developed a great app or solution doesn't guarantee success. There are certain things that need to be put in place in order to be successful in selling anything online.  I've garnered these tips from reading lots of blogs and articles from tech companies. These Tips are the ones that seem to be most popular and keep popping up no matter who you talk to. 




1. Keep your costs low by hosting in the cloud. Our own experience has taught us to keep costs low. That's why we are using Google's Fire-base Cloud hosting and we can confirm the cost effectiveness of using serverless technologies. Not only are they quick to deploy, but they mean you don't have to invest in the infrastructure yourself. If you want to sell software via a platform as a service, serverless technologies should be part of your architecture!



2. Test the Market. Get feedback before you invest too many resources into the development of your platform or product. A product is only going to sell if people want to use it. So before you spend time on development, ask around. Create a prototype and see if people are keen on the idea and if they would pay to use it. Also check for competitor products and see if you can compete.



3. Offer a free trial.  This is a no-brainer. People will be happy to trial a product if they don't have to invest in it. So make a free trial available.



4. Consider a freemium model.  This is a good way to get people in the door and a smart up-sell path that can encourage users to upgrade. You really need no barriers to getting a foot in the door. The easier it is to get your software in their hands the more chance you have of making a sale.



5. Video Presentation.  A video animation will engage your audience and get their attention. This is a must have if you want people to take notice and at least consider your software.  If you want to try and create your own video presentation, we would recommed an online platform such as Powtoon

Its a simple animation tool with some great templates to get you going. 




6. Address their Problems.  Gone are the days when its all about the product. You must make your sales pitch all about the users. What problem do they have that your software solves. Address their issues and they will be willing to hear you out.



7. Customer Reviews.  One of the best selling tools you have is the testimony card of your existing customers. A good customer review is like gold. Get reviews and use them.



8. Market across channels.  Use multiple channels to market your product. And collect analytics so you know which audience responded the most. Knowing where you found the most interest gives you the opportunity to invest a little more in that area down the track.



9. Add a Phone number to your Website. Having a phone number gives potential customers a sense of security knowing that you are a real business. They will be more inclined to purchase from you.





10. Offer Customer Support.  Having a support number to call, or a support ticketing system is a great way to give customers the service level they expect. If you have no support they may shy away from buying from you.



11. Offer a money-back guarantee. This will give your customers a sense of security. If the software is not suitable for them, they can get their money back. Be sure to offer this for a limited time, it for 30 days, although if you are offering a free trial, then you may not need a money back guarantee.



12. Search forums to find prospective customers. "Using forums is a great way to meet potential customers. It is a softer sell as it is speaking more on a social level, and by having your business link in your signature, people may be curious to find out more about you. Also be sure to use the opportunity to offer advice and share your expertise. That makes you more trustworthy and approachable. 



13. Establish your Social Media channels. Did you know that most people look up businesses via Social media before they look for their website? This is why you should ensure you have social media channels setup with some content. Many small businesses have latched onto social media and opt for a social channel as opposed to a website. And if you want to sell a product on social media you can do that too.  Facebook is now integrating with Shopify, although you cannot sell downloads on Facebook as they don't provide the delivery functionality needed.  But there are other platforms you can use which allow you to sell via shareable links.  Some offer the ability to setup an online store on their platform and others give you the option of simply using the hosting, payments and delivery functionality needed to sell on your own website or on social channels.  Stay tuned for our next article on some of those platforms and how you can use them effectively on social media to sell your software.




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