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Launching Your Digital Download

October 2, 2017

You've decided you want to sell downloads, you've created a great digital product, now you just need to launch it.   Whether it's digital or physical, there is a lot of planning that goes into the launch of a new product and there a lot of other products you have to compete with.   So your launch needs to make a statement and grab the attention of potential buyers and if first impressions are anything to go by, then it MUST “wow” your audience.  Here are some essential tips to incorporate into the launch of your product.




As the product will be new to your audience, it’s vital that you make the launch a process of discovery for them. The product must intrigue potential customers and inform them as to how your product will be useful to them. What problem does the product solve? What differentiates your product from other products on the market?  Why should someone choose your product other any other? 
These are important questions that the audience will be asking themselves, so make sure your launch answers them. 

Landing Page
Create a landing page for your new product and use the landing page as a promotional tool pre-launch.  Make your landing page look different to your site. For example, our landing page www.docsuey.com is part of our website.  We know we will eventually have a completely independent site for Docsuey shortly, but for now, a landing page is all we need. 
Setting Goals 
You can only measure the success of any campaign if the campaign has goals.  For example, do you have a number in mind for the sales you want to generate over a certain period? Do you want to determine exactly who your target audience is?  Do you want to know what motivated your new customers to choose your product?  
To set and capture goals, you will need to ensure you have set up some kinds of metric systems beforehand. Using analytics tools can help in this area and its important that you put these in place before you launch. 
Timing is Everything
You've heard the saying 'missed the boat,' well the same is true in marketing.  When you introduce something new, you need your audience to be available, so it's vital to plan and know when the best time to promote will be.


  • Don't plan too much during holiday times.  December is a time when people are winding down and thinking about presents and where they are going on holiday, so December will be a really bad time of year to try and launch something. Wait until people are in the right frame of mind such as when they are back on the job. 

  • Depending on what type of industry you are in, choose a time of year when trade shows or conferences are happening.   

  • Allow plenty of time in the lead up to your launch to promote, Don't delay announcements. Early announcements will let people know and anticipate the availability of your product. Notify media outlets, bloggers and reporters early so that they can write about it.



Plan Plan Plan

You've probably seen a product roadmap before, think about your launch in terms of a roadmap. Where are you starting from?  What is phase one, phase two and so on?  First, you will want to make some pre-announcements about your product or service.  Announcements may include information about research and development into a new product, the development phase of your product, the problem that your product will solve. You can make announcements through your social media accounts, set up polls to generate discussions and try to create interest.  
Ensure your product documentation is easily understood and accessed before your launch. Buyers will need to know how to use it before they choose to buy it, so prepare in advance your explainer videos or 'how to' tutorials, so they are ready to go with your launch.  
Making a checklist of all the tasks you need to do beforehand will be helpful to ensure you are ready to launch when the time comes. 



 You can download our free digital launch plan template HERE 


 Pre-Launch Activities

Here are some helpful activities that you should do pre-launch


  • Inform business associates of your new product.

  • Use LinkedIn to reach out to industry analysts and introduce them to the new product.

  • Send a press release to 'selected' bloggers and journalists to give them a sneak peek and tell them you have selected them. 

  • Post articles to social media groups on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and ask for feedback

  • Publish the launch date in advance and tell your audience something big is coming.


Use Media to your Advantage

Investing in membership with a media release service is a good idea. A few that are designed for small businesses are:
E-Releases, PRWeb, and PR Newswire
PR Wire .com.au
PR-Inside.com - European-based 
Making pre-launch announcements using one of these services is a good way to propel you forward.



Create your Email Funnel
It cannot be understated that Email Funnels work!  Communicating once with your audience just does not cut it these days.  People are busy; they do not make instant decisions on first sight.  They need time to be reminded, to be prompted and enticed.  By setting up a string of email communications, you are not only enticing and reminding them to take up your offer, but you are also establishing a relationship with them. 
Collecting Data
If you don’t already have a mailing list, you will need to encourage visitors to your site to opt-in on emails from you. Start this process early so that when it comes time to launch, you will have a larger audience.  Your home page should have a data collection form, a subscriber form or a freebie or special offer that can be collected once they provide their information. 
Another good way of establishing an online following is to follow people and businesses on Twitter. Tweet and re-tweet items of interest. Build followers on Instagram and Pinterest using your product’s images, blogs, screenshots and how-to's. Create a short survey and ask people to fill it out. People like polls and giving opinions but don't make it too long!  3 or 4 questions should suffice.
Create and communicate incentives like giveaways, bonuses, and discounts for early buyers, and if you want to make the whole email marketing easier, pay a little money and sign up for a service provider like MailChimp or Campaign Monitor. It will save you a lot of hassle is well worth the money spent.  You will be provided with all the tools, templates and services needed to easily manage the day-to-day requirements of your emails, and even generate analytics.

We hope we've given you some good ideas on launching your digital download product. If you have any questions about digital download technology, feel free to drop us a line, we would love to hear from you.  



You can download our free digital launch plan template HERE 





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