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Access Data Online in Real-time with DB ROVER

August 16, 2017

Traditionally, databases are not easily available online for the reason that databases are normally hooked up using ports other then the ports which access the Web. DB Rover's unique architecture allows databases to be accessible via the web ports so that those databases can be available online, anytime. 






Businesses require timely database results but the problem with traditional BI systems is that they store cached results and therefore the data is not in real-time. DB Rover provides real-time result-set streaming so that businesses can look at their data at any time and know it is current and up to date. Any changes to the source data are reflected immediately in the data being displayed online in DB Rover.  This is a vital draw card to businesses who need to provide accurate data in real time.


DB Rover is highly responsive, agile, and doesn’t take too much of your memory when it downloads data, this is due to its Result Set Streaming functionality.  Traditional systems store or cache downloaded data in large volumes, which uses a lot of storage space. DB Rover, on the other hand, doesn’t cache data while it is being transferred which means not only can users access their databases online anytime, but they can download the data quickly. 



DB Rover is built to handle millions of records in a single download. It is not hampered or limited by the size of the database, enabling you to download high volumes of information quickly and efficiently. 



Another reason to choose DB Rover is because it solves the problem of disparate data sources.  With DB Rover, you can group multiple data sources into a singular, unified protocol. This entails the ability to gather any number of JDBC compliant databases and link every one of them DB Rover via one protocol. Developers can use DB Rover via single protocol instead of complying with the multiple protocols of numerous databases. However, with DB Rover you can create applications more rapidly because DB Rover unifies the protocols, therefore, the developer only has to connect or integrate once rather than many times for each data source saving valuable time and money.



Find out more by visiting www.dbrover.com.au 



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