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SQL Database API

July 15, 2017

API's are more well known and frequently spoken about today. They have always been important to developers because they assist developers in writing code that interfaces with other software.  

They are what make it possible to move information between programs. API's can be likened to bridges, linking one program to another.  





A simple API might work on a Windows application to use some part of the underlying operating system while more complex API's are capable of powering the apps on mobile devices.  


The DB Rover API is designed to allow developers to access data and metadata from tables and datasets. 

It uses data streaming functionality to provide fast access to large datasets. Often when programs attempt to display or download data from a dataset, they can be restricted by the application that is accessing the database.  This can slowdown the response times.  But with DB Rover, response time is not restricted because it uses result-set streaming.  In other words, as information is retrieved from the database, it is forwarded onto the client row by row rather then hold onto the entire dataset before it is passed onto the client. This streaming proctocol ensures fast relay of the data. 


The developer tools provided by DB Rover are

  • Authentication

  • Database Metadata

  • Table Metadata

  • Result-Set Streaming 


Authentication control

DB Rover requires username and password to log in. The default username and password is dbrover @ example.org / dbrover


Simple client user interface

Once logged in, available databases and tables are presented in the left hand database tree.

Selecting a table will retrieve all rows for the selected table.


Filtering Results

Use the Refine button to filter your results using the WHERE clause. All tables can be filtered by SQL 'where' clause using the 'where' input field.

 SQL 'where' clauses are (mostly) similar across databases.

When you have typed in your WHERE clause, click on the 'Apply' button to execute it against the current table.



Security features

Database Protection prevents access to physical database. This is achieved when configuring DB Rover by connecting databases to be read only. 


Multiple database connections

Several databases can be connected to DB Rover simultaneously


Result-Set Streaming

Result-set streaming allows tables to be downloaded quickly without the common bottle-necking problem.


Admin tools 

The Admin console makes it easy to customise and configure DB Rover



Can be customised to reflect your business look and reskinned for classy integration into other private networks. 


All of these API tools can be used in small to very large data projects. You can access the API by downloading DB Rover from  www.customsoftwaregroup.com/dbrover

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