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What does it cost to run AWS Lambda?

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

If you are wondering what a system like Lambda might cost you, it really depends on your application. Here is explain how we are using Lambda and the costs associated with its use.

We used AWS Lambda to handle the processing of payments on an e-commerce platform which is This platform provides amazing cost savings that we would not have if it were not for AWS Lambda.

For example, the first 1M REQUESTS per month are FREE. The next 1M requests cost a total of $0.20 which is equal to $0.0000002 cents per request.

You may incur additional charges if your Lambda function utilises other AWS services or transfers data. For example, if your Lambda function reads and writes data to or from Amazon S3, you will be billed for the read/write requests and the data stored in Amazon S3.

For the Docsuey e-commerce platform, the complete transaction cost, which includes the full cycle of the upload, purchase & download of an individual product, is equivalent to $0.05 cents. This is why we can make our Platform free. As we are not spending huge amounts on running servers to handle the transactions, our overheads are very low and it gives us a competitive advantage.

This is why using Lambda is very good for business and its why we work with Lambda, if you are considering using Lambda and would like a discussion about your application, Get in touch with us and we'll help you assess if Lambda is right for your needs.

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