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2016 Custom Software Group |  Melbourne Software Development | Geotabular Pty Ltd  |   ABN 78 606 432973



PDF Viewer app for Android is designed to manage and display PDF files on mobile devices. 


If you produce monthly reports, business documents or newsletters and the like, our viewer app allows you to easily make them accessible to your clients or employees or other stakeholders with the touch of a button. 


Contact us if you would like more details or to discuss deployment of this app for your business. 





  • Sentiment Analysis

  • PDF File Manager

  • User Authentication  


Technology:  Firebase,  Apache Cordova, NPN, React, MobX

Programming language: JavaScript 

1.  Files are accessed from the home screen in the top left corner. 

2.  Documents can be split up into categories

3.  Selecting a category will open up all available documents in the folder.  Documents are downloaded to the users mobile device to be viewed. 

4.  Sentiment analysis is displayed in the left column as a summary. 

Contact us for a demo & pricing

This app is available as a fully hosted and maintained service or purchase complete code

Privacy:  Your privacy is important to us. We do not use any of your details for 3rd parties or sell your details.  We guarantee that our software does not contain ads, spyware or malware.