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2016 Custom Software Group |  Melbourne Software Development | Geotabular Pty Ltd  |   ABN 78 606 432973


Q. What is DB Rover used for? 

 A. DB Rover is used to publishing datasets on the web.  


Q. Can my data be corrupted by putting it on the internet?

 A. No. The data that DB Rover displays as 'Read-Only' The source cannot be accessed through DB Rover. 


Q. Can we control who accesses our data? 

 A. Yes.  One of the inbuilt features of DB Rover is Authentication Control.  DB Rover provides users with a password in order to log in.  You control who receives these passwords therefore only people who have your permission can access the data online. 


Q. How many records can DB Rover handle when downloading the data? 

 A. DB Rover is not limited by the size of the database. Millions of records can be downloaded in a single download. 


Q. Does DB Rover need to be integrated into other software? 

A.  DB Rover is a stand alone system.  You do not need to integrate it into another system. Once you install, it is ready for use. You can embed DB Rover on your website which is a simple process done by your webmaster. 


Q. What operating systems does DB Rover work on? 

A.  DB Rover has been designed to work on Windows OS, Linux, and Mac 


Q. Can we get help with installation of DB Rover? 

A.  The installation process is very simple. You need only download the software to your system and follow the prompts.  Once the system is installed, there are user guides and installation guides to assist further if you need them.  You can also call or email if you are having any difficulties. 


Q. How does the free trial work? 

A. Anyone can download DB Rover for free from our website and trial the product for 30 days.  At the completion of 30 days, the software disables itself until it is registered.  Once registered, you will receive a license key and will need to install the license key to continue to use DB Rover.  


Q. If we rebrand DB Rover is attribution required for the professional license? 

A. No. Attribution is not required. 


Q. How do I register my software? 

A. Visit the registration page.  You will need to pay for a software license key. Once your payment is received you will automatically receive a license key.


Q. How do I install the license key?

A. View our short instructional video here 


Q. How can I become a reseller? 

A. Yes.  We offer the non-exclusive license agreement to onsell DB Rover.  Call us for more information.


Q. Can you host my database and manage the service for me? 

A.  Yes, we can.  Contact us for hosting advice. 


Q. Do you offer support?

A.  Yes, of course, we have a 24 hr support number 0423 345 500

You can also email us anytime on contact@customsoftwaregroup.com


Q. What protection do we have if your company ceases to operate?

A. If Custom Software Group should become insolvent, liquidated, bankrupt or some other adverse event should occur forcing the closure of the business, all existing users of the program will receive an offer to purchase a perpetual license key OR purchase the existing code.