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"The higher we are placed, the more humbly we should walk"

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"Empowering your People Leaders to unlock team potential in the technology industry."

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Our training, mentoring, and workshops focus on providing your people leaders to foster innovation, initiative, and engagement in their roles in the IT engineering sector.  We give them the necessary tools, resources, and support for success.

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Andrew Naish

Team Leader

Andrew Naish is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in a variety of industries, including energy, banking, business intelligence, insurance, and logistics. He is a skilled software Engineering Manager with a demonstrated history of success in data science, utility, and geographical information systems.

An accomplished People Leader, Andrew has developed the leadership qualities required to influence others toward innovation and collaboration. He knows how to lead a team with purpose, confidence and he is happy to share that skill.  Andrew can be booked for speaking engagements and mentoring for your team. 

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Brionne Naish

Content, Coaching and Marketing Specialist

Brionne Naish is a versatile professional at Custom Software Group, specializing in marketing, content creation, website design, and UX design. As a seasoned website and UX designer, she combines aesthetic flair with technical proficiency to create seamless and intuitive digital experiences. Brionne's skills make her an invaluable asset, driving innovation and excellence at Custom Software Group.

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Andrew embodies Servant Leadership. Over the past 3 years Andrew has built a team on foundations of trust, psychological safety and a no blame culture. Always looking for ways to improve, providing gentle guidance and protecting the team from external factors and enabling in removing blockers and empowerig the team in making decisions. Andrew has managed to keep the team together and motivated during tough times of COVID and different organization restructures. We've benefited from the support of Brionne in the team building exercises she provides to keep us motivated.

Nipun Ojha

Technology Lead  AGL Energ

Andrew and his team really stands out among the people I have reported to in the past. His calm yet confident leadership style steered the Chargers team at AGL to accomplish some key milestones across several concurrent initiatives, spanning multiple vendors....What really distinguished Andrew though, was his continued focus on team culture. I felt encouraged to attempt new tasks and enjoyed his full support, even through some minor setbacks. Also, he had some great insights in our regular one on one sessions, indicating genuine care about team members.

Andrew was my manager at Australia Post. He is a very empathic, honest and clear-headed leader... Andrew fostered a culture of trust and collaboration where everyone felt comfortable sharing their ideas and opinions. This created an environment where team members were able to learn from each other and where everyone felt invested in the success of the project. Andrew is able to effectively balance the needs of the project with the needs of the team and always kept an eye on the big picture.

Basarat Ali Syed

Microsoft MVP

I had the pleasure of working with Andrew as our delivery lead for a complex data analytics project.
Andrew has a great leadership style that naturally brings a team together and helps draw the best from everyone. I found him to be very good at working collaboratively across both our multifunctional team and the wider business.
Given the complexities of this particular project, we were fortunate to have someone as well-rounded as Andrew helping to guide our team. I'm very happy to recommend Andrew and would look forward to working with him again if the opportunity arose.

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Andrew Naish is available to speak at conferences and team building events.

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Empower your team to innovate through collaboration and exploration.

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Tools that will enable your team leaders to accomplish their roles.

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